"Lacey" Tote Bag
  • "Lacey" Tote Bag

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    Beautiful AND functional?! That's what this tote bag is all about, featuring an illustration by James Rose of stripper extraordinaire Lacey on one side, and our fresh ELSC logo on the reverse.


    This bag comes in a natural-coloured cotton, and is one size only.


    We’ve teamed up with the incredible peeps over at @no_sweat_uk whose business ethics are in line with ours. They have campaigned tirelessly for workers rights in the garment industry. Their anti-sweatshop business model works with their production partners Oporajeo in Bangladesh, whose factory is worker owned, who set their own prices and create their own working conditions 😍All their products are made from 100% organic traceable cotton (so no nasty micro plastics coming off synthetic fabrics getting into the water system every time they are washed). There are no avo based dyes (no we didn’t know what that meant either) or any other harmful substances used in the manufacturing process.



    James Rose has been capturing the living figure in drawings and paintings for over 30 years, beginning as an art student in Sydney, Australia, and currently from his home near London. To misquote Leonard Cohen, he wants to create 'a shining artefact of the present' in energetic portraits of humans and their bodies.

    Find him on instagram - @r0sejam