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Covid-19 has resulted in club closures and loss of income for members of our community, making adult performers even more precarious. ELSC have launched an emergency fund to provide financial support to strippers and sex workers who are made more vulnerable by the epidemic. A percentage of ticket sales from ELSC events will go into this fund, and used directly to offer financial assistance to those who need it. 

Payments of one-time grants of £100 will be paid out to applicants on a weekly basis. Unsuccessful applications can be re-submitted during subsequent rounds.

The ELSC Sustainable Support Fund is available for dancers and ex-dancers, which is anyone with current or former experience of stripping in UK Sexual Entertainment Venues (SEVs). Dancers are welcome to apply regardless of whether they have engaged in any other forms of sex work. 

If you are a stripper or sex worker in crisis please use the contact form below for more information about how to apply.

We are also accepting donations directly, please click below to help support the fund

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